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January 14, 2021

We will never forget the images from Washington last week as a mob stormed the United States Capitol. We condemn this violence as an attack on all Americans and on our democracy.
Even more alarming than the attack on the building was the difference between law enforcement’s response to violent, mostly white extremists storming our Capitol, and law enforcement’s response to peaceful, mostly Black protestors standing up to racial injustice across the country last summer. This clear double standard is wrong. We must all stand firmly against racism, violence and bigotry.  
As a B Corp, Sun Light & Power is committed to driving a positive impact in our community, both for our team members and our environment. Consistent with our values, we call upon all Americans to respect each other, support a just, fact-based democracy, and change behaviors so that future generations inherit a healthy planet. We must work together to actively dismantle racism and hate, embrace clean energy, make sustainable choices, and strengthen our remarkable democracy, which has endured for over 244 years.
Fortunately, we are not alone. Our non-partisan partners in Amicus Solar Cooperative, the network of certified B Corporations and the Civic Alliance (a national group of over 1,000 companies around the country) are all standing alongside us.
Over the last year, we have joined fellow Amicus partners in forming a Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) working group to develop specific actions to further the goals above. At Sun Light & Power, we will form our own diversity and inclusion team to support our team members of color. We will also work to enact change in our community.
As we prepare to celebrate the transition to a new administration next week, we call on all who love democracy to join us in taking actions to build this new American unity. Together we will build a more just and representative democracy as well as a sustainable and equitable economy.
B Corp, statement on US Capitol attack
Civic Alliance, "Joint Statement for an Orderly and Peaceful Transition of Power" (SLP is a signatory to this letter.)

Gary Gerber is Founder and CEO of Sun Light & Power.

Troy Tyler is COO at Sun Light & Power.

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