Local governments power their services with clean solar power

Solar is power by the people, for the people. We deliver innovative solutions for government agencies across California. With over 45 years of experience, Sun Light & Power executes municipal projects with extensive coordination with city engineers, community leaders, and other officials to satisfy strict seismic requirements, fire and building codes, and permitting regulations.

  • We bring the knowledge, desire, and patience to navigate the required steps in the solar project completion process so you can focus on serving your community.

  • We know how to comply with workforce development programs so you can be assured of compliance.

  • We hire qualified workers from disadvantaged backgrounds so you know your investment is helping support those in need.

  • We hire local employees and pay a living wage.


Testimonials from Government agencies about our work


“On behalf of the entire City Council, I’m very pleased to mark the beginning of the solar age in our City. In the next month, we will begin construction of an extensive solar project at the Civic Center. This is one of the most important projects in our Smart City program. This solar project utilizes the latest technology to save money, save energy and contribute to a healthier environment." – Mayor Jimmy Delshad, Solar Energy Project Launch

"Alameda County’s Board of Supervisors awarded Sun Light & Power this ambitious solar project. Along with the energy efficiency features built into the Library this well-designed system with both non-penetrating ballasted and low-profile rooftop mounting, is expected to generate nearly 100% of the energy used by the Library."                       – Matt Muniz, Energy Program Manager of Castro Valley Library

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Why Go Solar?

When it comes to combining solar energy with your business operation, think of solar as an investment that actually provides a return. A custom designed solar PV system or solar thermal hot water heating system will reduce your operating expenses, protect you from volatile utility costs, show your commitment to the environment and the green business movement, and can even increase the reliability of your electrical system.

What if you could fix your low monthly energy costs, for decades?

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