Solar Equipment Manufacturer Warranties

Sun Light & Power constantly monitors the solar market to procure equipment that will maximize your solar system's longevity and performance. We want you to enjoy decades of reliable solar power. All of the residential solar PV systems we design and install use industry leading components and are backed by robust manufacturer warranties.

Industry-Leading Manufacturer Solar Component Warranties Up To 25-Years

Solar panels are an important investment, and you deserve solid protection. That’s why we use components from the leading manufacturers. These warranties are designed to ensure comprehensive, long-term performance and protection for your solar energy system. 

Manufacturer Warranty Details

  • SunPower 25-year solar panel power, product and service warranty 

  • REC 25-year solar panel power and product warranty

  • SolarEdge 25-year optimizer, 12-year inverter, 10-year backup interface, and 10-year battery warranties

  • Tesla 10-year Powerwall and Gateway product and performance warranties

  • LG Chem 10-year battery product warranty


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Sun Light & Power has been installing solar panels in California since 1976. Rest assured that we will always be here to help should a problem arise with your solar panel system or home solar batteries.

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