Sun Light & Power has delivered exceptional customer experience to Bay Area customers for 45 years. From the early days of solar thermal, through the rise of PV and into the age of lithium battery storage, we have continued to design and build high quality solar systems. Sun Light & Power’s team of employee-owners serve a wide range of commercial, non-profit, municipal and residential clients. Sun Light & Power was one of the first companies in the state to become incorporated as a Benefit Corporation (known as a B Corp) and is also a certified Alameda County Green Business. We became a 100% employee owned (ESOP) in 2018. The 2021 ESOP Board of Directors are Gary Gerber, Barbara Gerber, Steve Meyer, Martin Morehouse and Josh Flasher.

Our goal

The goal of Sun Light & Power is to provide exceptional customer experience. We are committed to making a positive difference by providing solar solutions with quality products, tenured expertise and flawless execution. We practice sustainable business methods to grow our company, support our team members and the community we serve.

In 1976, when engineer and solar pioneer Gary Gerber founded Sun Light & Power, the solar energy industry was in its infancy. Since then he has helped assemble one of the solar industry’s most talented teams. We bring to each project unparalleled expertise, innovative solutions, energy-efficient solar technologies, and outstanding customer service, making us one of the best solar power companies in the country.

Our guiding principles 

  • Safety is our first priority.
  • We strive to build a collaborative working environment.
  • We always act with integrity and do the right thing.
  • We deliver unmatched quality.
  • We practice sustainability by living and working green.

We are a Certified B Corp and Green Business.

  • We have clearly labeled compost, recycling, and waste bins in every office.
  • We recycle metals (aluminum, copper and steel) and e-waste.
  • We donate or recycle broken inverters and modules.
  • We have a mixed-recycling dumpster for construction and office use.
  • We use certified green cleaning products from B Corps.
  • We strive to use certified green/recycled materials for office improvements.
  • We use energy efficient heat pumps.
  • We reuse office furniture and purchase used equipment whenever possible.

Exceptional Solar for 45 Years!

Our team members are proud to be part of an organization that is still putting customers first and pioneering new solutions after 45 years! If this sounds like the kind of team you would like to join click on the buttons below. We would love to hear from you.

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Attending the CALSSA event in Sacramento, 2018 | Group photo | Our Sales Team 

Our Customers are true solar Pioneers!

A few words from our founder and President, Gary Gerber.

"Sun Light & Power are great to work with. Their office staff and in-field team are very professional and helped me to resolve any issues or questions that came up."

Scott L

"The San Francisco SPCA strives to be socially responsible in all business practices, and we chose to install solar panels to help decrease our carbon footprint.

San Francisco SPCA

"Since Sun Light & Power is committed to making a positive difference in the world, we were delighted to see them selected by Oberlin Dance Collective for their project in San Francisco's Mission District. Sun Light & Power has gone above and beyond to make this project a success."

Lee Barken, CollectiveSun® Chief Community Officer

"Sun Light & Power exercises its deep engineering experience in favor of great solar design. They are realistic in assessing construction requirements and have useful solutions.

David Kunhardt

"When Sun Light & Power installed a 19 kW array at our previous location they were helpful up front, thorough and professional in their installation, and responsive whenever we had questions or needed maintenance.

Lawrence Grown
Berkeley, CA

“CUSD is committed to sustainable facility construction and operations. Part of that commitment is the environmental and fiscal savings afforded by solar electricity generation.

Doug Williams, LEED AP - Construction Manager, Measure G, Campbell Union School District

“With extremely limited resources available to provide quality affordable housing, it is critical to work with companies that are committed to provide the highest quality product. Sun Light & Power has proven time and again to be such a company.

Woody Karp, Project Developer at Eden Housing

"This is a remarkable project that will directly help people and uplift the entire community. This used to be a run-down area, but it's now LEED-H Platinum certified affordable housing with superb community spaces.

Congressman Sam Farr (D-Calif.), re: Camphora Apartments

"Cabrillo is proud to build new 'green' dwellings for some of our valued farmworkers in Ventura County. They nourish our economy through their hard work. They deserve safe, beautiful homes so they, and their families, can prosper, thrive and succeed together."

Nicole Norori, Project Manager, CEDC

"Sun Light and Power is great to work with on any solar project. We have had the luxury of working with SLP since 2008 on ten different construction projects. These projects range from big to small and both photo-voltaic and solar water systems.

Steve Cetrone

"You guys did a great job, not just in installing the equipment but in being perceptive as to how to deal with the regulatory authorities of Contra Costa County and the roofers.

William (Bill) Day
Contra Costa County

“Roofs are a valuable resource and should be considered as an asset that shouldn’t be wasted on low-performance equipment. Because of the energy intensity of refrigeration and processing, the biggest challenge of going solar is making a significant impact on the energy usage."

Martin Morehouse – Sun Light & Power ST engineer and estimator

“The building’s energy requirements include lighting and extensive power demands from refrigeration and other electrical needs. Some of this energy usage is also related to a new emphasis on ready-to-eat foods, including a second-floor kitchen with a flash freezer."

Progressive Grocer

“I would not hesitate to work with SLP anytime in the future. I would also highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solar system.”

Garry Pollard, Director of Operations, North Creek Church
North Creek

“We are very pleased that such a significant portion of our electrical needs are being met with our solar array. Sun Light & Power did a great engineering and installation job with this challenging project.

Mike Hannigan, President of First Chinese Baptist Church

“The San Francisco SPCA strives to be socially responsible in all business practices, and we chose to install solar panels to help decrease our carbon footprint.

The San Francisco SPCA
San Francisco, CA

"With extremely limited resources available to provide quality affordable housing, it is critical to work with companies that are committed to provide the highest quality product.

Woody Karp, Project Developer – Eden Housing Inc.

"Sun Light & Power did an excellent job providing us with a full suite of design and installation services."

Jim Gaither Jr. Hanover Page Mill Associates, L.P.

"Alameda County’s Board of Supervisors awarded Sun Light & Power this ambitious solar project.

Matt Muniz, Energy Program Manager of Castro Valley Public Library

"From the first day, when we threw the switch, we have been 100% solar powered which feels great and saves money. Sun Light & Power did a great job for us."

Dara O’Farrell

"Best contractor experience of any kind that I've encountered in San Francisco. Great, talented, efficient people."

James Lynch
San Francisco, CA

"Sun Light & Power designed and installed the PV system currently in operation at my home in Orinda. I am very satisfied with the service and work they provided.

John McGonigle
Ornida, CA

"We considered three companies, and Sun Light & Power provided the most informed personnel and the best equipment. They were timely, professional, and reliable – a great experience."

El Cerrito, CA

"We’re proud to be part of the growing trend toward sustainability. Every aspect of our restaurant reflects our holistic commitment to using primarily organic, biodynamic, and sustainable ingredients & products from countertops to rooftop solar from food choices to wine list.... Read More

Anjan Mitra - Owner of Dosa in San Francisco, CA
San Francisco

"I have had a very good experience with Sun Light & Power over the last several years, which includes seven projects."

Ed Bashay- Senior Construction Manager of The Cheesecake Factory Restaurants

"My experience with your company for my solar electric and solar hot water system installation was very positive. Both systems have worked extremely well for years. I would not hesitate to recommend you to a friend."

David Grant

"My solar water collector/panel had a leak. Matthew came out to assess and instead of recommending a new collector, he actually fixed the leak! And at a very fair fee. Totally pleased with workmanship."

Larry G.
Culver City

"I think it was 2006 when we had our Solar Hot water installed in Berkeley. The guys who did the job were a) friendly, b) neat and tidy, c) finished on time. The system has worked perfectly, since installation.

Perry S.

This space is more than a headquarters; it’s a home to our inspiration and passion to do business in a better way.

Gary Erikson, Founder and Co-CEO, Clif Bar

The resulting system represents our genuine commitment to responsible energy consumption and sustainability.

Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union

"We wanted to showcase our dedication to ‘green’ business management and prove that any business can continue being profitable while being better stewards of the planet."

David Meese, General Manager, Primo Honda

"So glad to see the system functioning fully again. Thank you so much for finding a solution for the bad inverter situation and getting it implemented. Sun Light & Power remains to be a highly professional solar company that I have no hesitation to recommend to others."

Donald Tong, VP-Operations and Finance, CJ United Food Corporation
Oakland, CA

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