Warehouses & Industrial Buildings Are Ideal for Solar Energy

We understand your priorities - Solar makes environmental and financial sense.

Sun Light & Power has completed over 3,000 solar projects since 1976. We know that solar makes sense for California businesses because the climate is warming and the cost of energy continues to rise dramatically. Between January 2020 and July 2023, commercial electricity bills in California registered a 45.9% inflation rate, far outpacing the historically high general inflation rate of 16.9% during the same period. With improved solar technologies, supply-chain recovery, and tax incentives, the shift to renewable energy is now happening across all business sectors in California. We can get you on track to curb energy costs by designing and installing a solar system that is right for your businessss.


Clean solar energy plus storage for electricity and hot water is more affordable than ever.

  • Solar is a smart investment for California businesses, with a strong Return on Investment.

  • Solar will reduce your business' carbon footprint, so you can be a green leader in your industry.

  • Solar improves your bottom line by reducing expensive overhead costs so you can dedicate your savings to other business priorities.

  • You can match your employees’ and customers' green values with climate-saving measures.

  • New technologies including solar energy battery storage allow businesses to cut expensive demand charges by instantly dispatching demand power kept in reserve. 

Financial resources are available for your business to help you implement solar power

Through 2022 the federal government is offering a 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar installations. They also offer Modified Accelerated Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation on the cost of solar installations. Various state and local programs are in place that may provide additional rebates and incentives.

  • We will help you understand the incentives that are available to your business

  • We will help you select the most advantageous solution given your specific circumstances and energy needs.

  • If your company or organization cannot take advantage of the tax benefits, financing options are available

An investment in solar energy for your business is great for the planet – and great for your bottom line.

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Why Go Solar?

When it comes to combining solar energy with your business operation, think of solar as an investment that actually provides a return. A custom designed solar PV system or solar thermal hot water heating system will reduce your operating expenses, protect you from volatile utility costs, show your commitment to the environment and the green business movement, and can even increase the reliability of your electrical system.

  • This space is more than a headquarters; it’s a home to our inspiration and passion to do business in a better way.


    Gary Erikson, Founder and Co-CEO, Clif Bar

  • The resulting system represents our genuine commitment to responsible energy consumption and sustainability.


    Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union

There's never been a better time to go Solar

With substantial rebates and tax subsidies available to your business, there's never been a better time to go Solar! Increase your reliability, show your customers that you care, and lower your electricity bills today!

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