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Whether upgrading an existing system or planning a new facility, many owner/operators are looking for ways to extract even more savings and security from their solar investment. For many, solar batteries may be the answer.

 Nant Energy System with Two Modules

Solar Energy Arbitrage

Store energy generated by a PV system and self-consume it later in the day for operations during the utility's peak rate time of use (TOU) - thus avoiding the cost of buying energy during peak rate periods.  

Peak shaving

Utilities charge commercial customers for the peak kilowatts used in any given 15-minute window during a 30-day period. For customers who pay these high "demand charges" because their usage has many peaks or spikes in kW usage during the day, energy storage batteries may be a good solution to reduce or eliminate demand charges. Storage batteries could be used to shave peak usage hours by self-consumption of solar-generated energy stored in a battery instead of importing electricity from the grid. For the right customer, reducing demand charges can amount to significant savings. Currently, this applies to commercial customers but residential customers could see demand charges in the future and may wish to prepare for them now.

Avoid risk by being a resilient business


Nant Energy System Channel Lumber

Businesses can suffer significant financial losses when the power goes out. Solar batteries act as a backup for maximum resiliency. Solar batteries allow you to keep your excess energy for use when and how you see fit.

Battery storage options come in many configurations

Whether your intent is to back up your power system or reduce utility demand fees, we have a solution that will meet your needs. 

Contact us for more information about how to add a battery system to your existing solar array or include one in your plans for going solar. We can help you accomplish your cost-savings and sustainability goals.


Why Go Solar?

When it comes to combining solar energy with your business operation, think of solar as an investment that actually provides a return. A custom designed solar PV system or solar thermal hot water heating system will reduce your operating expenses, protect you from volatile utility costs, show your commitment to the environment and the green business movement, and can even increase the reliability of your electrical system.

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