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February 14, 2020

Recycling is an important part of Sun Light & Power's Green Business commitment. We have compost bins and recycling containers for paper, bottles, and cans in every office building on our campus. We also have a seven cubic yard recycling bin for cardboard in our parking lot. In our warehouse, we have another seven yd3 recycling bin for metal and a one yd3 e-waste bin. Family-owned Aaron Metals picks up and pays us for our metal recycling. They are based in Oakland and have been recycling metal for over 40 years.

Our e-waste is donated to E-Waste Collective, a non-profit, environmental organization that refurbishes computers and donates them to schools, other non-profit organizations, and economically and/or physically disadvantaged individuals. The money they get from recycling electronics and computers supports their training programs which teach volunteers how to refurbish and restore computers to reduce waste.

Solar panel modules can no longer be recycled through traditional means. Fortunately, a lot of modules that are damaged or broken on-site are still good for personal use. The homeless have erected a large network of encampments in our area. They are very happy to receive electronically functional modules to power their various electronic devices. It feels good knowing we are providing some means of comfort to our less fortunate neighbors.

Propel Renewable Diesel

How we choose to fuel Sun Light & Power's vehicle fleet is one of the main ways we express our B Corp values. Recently, we converted to renewable diesel, which is similar to but different from biodiesel. Biodiesel is arguably more sustainable for the planet, but a combination of new vehicle emission standards (resulting in more complex fuel filtering systems) and California Law that severely regulates the sale of biodiesel has made it an impractical choice, especially with a fleet of over 20 vehicles. Renewable diesel is produced from 100% renewable materials, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%, is 100% compatible with modern diesel vehicles, and doesn't void factory warranties. It is also available from a growing number of Propel Fuel stations located around the Bay Area and on-site refueling services provided by Western States Oil.

With minimal effort, we can greatly reduce the waste generated in our homes and places of work. Reduce the number of products you buy that use petroleum-based, non-compostable packaging and/or are made of non-recycled material. Reuse products as much as possible including containers, grocery bags, coffee cups, etc. Recycle responsibly by cleaning the recyclable containers and understanding the recycling restrictions in your city. Kermit was wrong: it is easy being green.

Sun Light & Power Board Member Josh Roberts is Sun Light & Power's Procurement Supervisor and a member of our Green Team.

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