December 10, 2019

BERKELEY, CA, December 2019 – Sun Light & Power, California's premiere solar solutions provider, announces a 'refresh' of its company logo, signaling its new 100% employee owned status and ongoing optimism for a bright future. The new logo retains its layout and simply swaps the location of the red and gold colors, better symbolizing our life-giving sun.

"We wanted to refresh our logo to subtly indicate the new attitude our company has adopted after our transition to 100% employee ownership," said Troy Tyler, the company's chief executive officer. "We think this 'refresh' of our current logo honors our company's history while giving our corporate brand a fresh, new look."

The company has had only four logos since its inception. The original logo was designed in 1976 when the company's founder, Gary Gerber, started the company with two classmates from Cal Berkeley. In October 2018, after many months of planning, the company moved to employee owned status.

Along with the new logo, the company will launch a new website at its current web address of www.sunlightandpower.com. The new site is designed with customers in mind, with easy to access content focused on customers' needs. The new website (designed by Energy Circle of Portland, ME), and new logo, will be rolled out the first week of December, 2019.

About Sun Light & Power

For over 40 years, Sun Light & Power has delivered exceptional customer experience by designing and building high quality solar thermal and solar PV systems across California. Sun Light & Power's team of employee owners serve a wide range of commercial, non-profit, municipal and residential clients. Sun Light & Power was one of the first companies in California to become incorporated as a Benefit Corporation (B Corp). Sun Light & Power is now a 100% employee owned company which abides by ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) guidelines. For more information and career opportunities, visit www.sunlightandpower.com.

Contact information:

Nancy Summers, Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Sun Light & Power
1035 Folger St.
Berkeley, CA, 94710
Mobile or text: 813-335-4756

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