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May 20, 2020
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BERKELEY, CA, May 11, 2020 – Sun Light & Power, California's premier solar solutions provider, named a new executive, Brady Cox, to fill the newly created position of Director of Residential Operations. Currently a superintendent at Sun Light & Power, Brady will lead the company’s new Residential Operations team.

Sun Light & Power COO Troy Tyler said, “Brady’s new role reflects our renewed commitment to provide differentiated energy storage and resiliency solutions to discerning Bay Area homeowners.” Brady will also drive Sun Light & Power’s upcoming Signature Solar program, which will provide worry-free solar and emergency backup solutions, including Tesla Powerwalls, to residential and commercial customers.

Brady has over a decade of residential solar experience. Before joining Sun Light & Power, he worked for Solar City as a site surveyor, field designer, and ultimately a regional operations manager. Brady also worked for many years as a project manager in general construction. He will officially become Director of Residential Operations on June 1, 2020. Brady will transition to his new role over the next three months and will devote himself to the position full-time by the beginning of August 2020.

When asked about his new role, Brady said, “I feel grateful for my promotion and excited by the opportunity. My goal is to build and manage a safe and efficient residential operation that focuses on excellent work and high-quality products. We will be especially focused on clean energy storage solutions for our residential customers. I want to foster and encourage a positive work culture where people thrive and enjoy their work. I believe that a team with a strong work ethic and high morale is paramount for a successful operation.”

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