Earth Day 2020 Environment
April 22, 2020

For the past few months, we have given Mother Earth an unexpected and unplanned break. By reducing carbon emissions, our natural surroundings have come back to life in ways people around the world have found unimaginable. Satellite images from NASA show pollution reduction over entire continents. And while reported sightings of dolphins in the canals in Venice have turned out not to be true, wildlife has been spotted in unusual areas around the world, including gangs of wild turkeys in Oakland.

Events around the world show the power of cleaning up the earth, but we don’t need to leave our neighborhoods to honor our planet and celebrate Earth Day. This year we have an opportunity to take stock of our surroundings and focus on what we can do to honor Mother Earth without leaving our neighborhoods.

Here are ten ways to celebrate Earth Day at home, courtesy of the Sun Light & Power Green Team.

1. As you go for a walk through your neighborhood, collect garbage to recycle, preferably in recyclable shopping bags. Use the hashtag, #TrashTag, to share your efforts with your online community and encourage them to follow your lead.

2. Spend time in your garden, use organic pesticides if you must and start a compost and/or worm bin if you have the space.

3. Make a meal at home to avoid the use of plastic food-to-go containers. Don't eat beef! Beef production requires a huge amount of natural resources.

4. Go through your clothes and wear something you haven't worn instead of buying something new. Upcycle used clothing into masks and/or donate it to charities.

5. Be an activist at home. Contact your representatives with your concerns.

6. Watch Earth Day Live -

7. Use cloth for wipes with soap or organic cleaners instead of store-bought wipes in plastic containers.

8. Use bar soap made locally instead of liquid soap in a plastic bottle.

9. Encourage others, including friends, partners, and children, to be more earth-conscious and set an example for them by educating them and sharing stories.

10. The digitalization of everyday tasks in our personal and business lives is now required. So many things can now be done online, from banking and payments to pulling permits for construction projects. Use this time to figure out if you can get tasks done digitally instead of traveling or mailing paper products.

Bonus Tip: Print out one of these free coloring pages on the back of a piece of paper headed for the recycle bin and make something beautiful. Coloring is a great way for children and adults to relieve stress.

Planet Earth Day 2020

Reimagine the systems you use daily and make them more environmentally friendly. SLP encourages you to celebrate Earth Day every day!

Contributed by SLP Green Team members: Jesse Quay, Josh Roberts, Steve Broyles, Mailys Bernier, Sara Kinsey, Ray Adler, Seamas Brennan, and Nancy Summers.

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