Great Solar Idea
February 4, 2020

If you are brave enough to find out, you are ahead of our biggest competitor, and possibly yours, too.

Business owners, facility managers, sustainability directors and others who are taking the initial steps to investigate getting solar power for their companies contact Sun Light & Power every week. Some are engineers or have a background in energy management, while many have little to no understanding of how solar could benefit them. Some volunteered to get information, even though it was scary and they weren't sure what to expect from making the initial calls. How do we know?

A woman called us last year to investigate the benefits and feasibility of solar power for her employer. The business she worked for had expressed interest in cutting their energy bills and, at a leadership meeting, it was asked if anyone would volunteer to gather information on going solar. She raised her hand and offered to make the calls. She was the Director of Human Resources and she had no knowledge of solar or how it would work for her business. But she thought it was important to understand, so she found us online and gave us a call.

Consumers should know how much we enjoy working with ALL people who are asking their first questions about going solar. It's a day to celebrate – your first day on the path of going solar is one to remember. We acknowledge that and we are grateful for every call, referral, word-of-mouth recommendation we receive and every walk-in customer we meet. We gladly answer questions from the most basic to the most technical questions our engineers need to step in to help answer.

When you make your first call to Sun Light & Power we will ask you a few questions like these:

     • What kind of business are you with?
     • Where is your business located?
     • What are your monthly utility bills?
     • Do you own the building?
     • If you rent or lease, do you have permission from the building owner to install solar?
     • What is the composition of your roof?
     • How old is your roof, and is it a flat roof or a pitched roof?

After providing us with this information, you will be forwarded to one of our Project Developers who will answer more of your questions and put together a free proposal for you with solutions that are right for your business. And with that, you will be ahead of many companies in Northern California.


Our biggest competition at Sun Light & Power is not other solar companies. We are proud to be compared to the best solar companies in California and we are often in the trenches with them when proposing solar solutions to our customers. Solar power companies are united in the belief we are doing our best for our customers and the planet. In fact, our biggest competition is apathy, because doing nothing is easier than doing something. Don't worry, we'll help you acquire the knowledge and take the first steps for your business to go solar.

As one customer told us, for most businesses going solar is a "no brainer." But it takes the brave first step of calling us or filling out a form online, talking to our 24/7 online customer service agent or coming by our office to find out why this is true.

In most cases, the answer to the question, "Will solar power work for my business?" is not just "Yes," it is "Heck yes!" Leave complacency behind and take a minute to brighten your future. We promise to be helpful and kind when you do.

Co-written by Nancy Summers, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Sun Light & Power, and Seamas Brennan, Marketing Coordinator at Sun Light & Power.

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