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These hotel projects had many architectural features and included mechanical equipment on the roof that restricted the PV system design. Our layout was both aesthetically pleasing and avoided shading the solar panels. We reached the power generation requirements by working closely with the architectural team and provided a creative solution that resulted in a 66,150 watt PV system which produces 104,689 kWh of clean electricity.

This system displaces the greenhouse gas equivalent of 73.6 Metric Tons of CO2 each year and is equal to:

  • 176,329 miles driven by an average car.
  • 170 barrels of oil consumed
  • 0.586 acres of U.S. Forests preserved from conversion to cropland in one year.

Courtyard Marriott Santa Monica

The Santa Monica Courtyard Marriott features an impressive 66.2 kW solar PV system that reduces the hotel's annual greenhouse gas emissions by the amount produced by an average car driven 176,329 miles.

Additional Project Details

Project Location
Santa Monica, CA
Project Type
Roof Mount
PV System Equipment
Canadian Solar
PV System Size
66.2 kW
Product Category
Solar PV
Date of installation
February, 2017

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