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Sun Light & Power has the experience to design and build solar PV on college and university campuses. The addition of a carport on an existing parking structure at Otis College required considerable technical expertise. First, the large sail-like structure required extensive structural analysis to ensure the parking structure could withstand the additional weight and loading. Second, the old electrical system, cramped electrical room, and complicated interconnection design took many visits and evaluations before approvals from the utility company and the City of Los Angeles were granted. With Sun Light & Power's experience, and our commitment to customers, we turned this challenging project into another bright star for renewable energy.

"This solar panel project is one of many exciting features included in the campus improvement plan. These key LEED-certified features move us toward greater sustainability and contribute in a very concrete way to a greener future for Otis College."
- Bill Schaeffer, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Services.
  • System size = 541,305 watts
  • Annual kilowatt hours produced = 856,240
  • Estimated reduction of electric bills per year = 31%

This solar PV system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 602 metric tons, the equivalent of:

  • 1,393 barrels of oil consumed
  • 1,442,175 miles driven by an average car
  • 4.8 acres of U.S. Forests preserved from conversion to cropland in one year

Read the full story of why Otis College adopted solar here.

Otis College

Otis College in Los Angeles features a large solar shade structure to offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Additional Project Details

Project Location:
Los Angeles, CA
Project Type:
Shade Structure
PV System Equipment:
PV System Size:
541.3 kW
Product Category:
Date of Installation:
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