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Drone Videography and Photography by Marc Kollar

Sun Light & Power is proud to have designed and built a 151.4 kW PV system with a 125 kW, 55 kWh battery backup for the RYSE Center in Richmond. The system will produce approximately 212 megawatt hours (MWh) of clean electricity annually. The RYSE Commons building features a 98 kW PV system with 200 flush mounted Silfab Solar modules and a pair of SolarEdge SE43.2K inverters connected to the 55 kWh ELM battery. The RYSE Center building features a 53.4 kW PV system with 109 ballasted Silfab Solar modules and another SolarEdge SE43.2K inverter.  

According to the EPA's calculator, the solar panels on the RYSE campus will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel generated electricity by the equivalent of 165 short tons of CO2 annually (tCO2e/a). This is equal to the emissions from 32.4 average cars traveling about 371,871 miles in total. These cars would burn 16,863 gallons of gasoline, which is enough to fill 2 tanker trucks. Bear in mind that these are annual figures! 

RYSE strives to create a strong, healthy and united community for future generations of West Contra Costa County residents. SLP is delighted that we could help the RYSE Youth Center with their mission and help show the youth of Richmond how sustainable solar energy can benefit the entire community.

RYSE Center

The RYSE Center solar installation includes ballasted solar panels on the main building and a flush-mounted PV array on the Commons building. This forward thinking project also features a large battery backup system. 

Drone Videography by Marc Kollar

Additional Project Details

Project Location:
Richmond, CA
Project Type:
Roof Mount
PV System Equipment:
PV System Size:
153.4 kW
Battery System Equipment:
Switch ELM
Battery System Size:
110 kWh
Product Category:
PV & Battery Storage
Date of Installation:

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