SLP Crescent Park 900 kW
May 7, 2020

At the end of every quarter, SunPower reviews their dealers’ orders for the previous four quarters and determines their standing. Once again, Sun Light & Power is proud to celebrate our SunPower Gold Dealer status. This recurring achievement has not been a coincidence. Instead, it was made possible by the relentless efforts of our sales team, especially Eric Nyman. He was responsible for 61% of all SunPower deliveries during the past four quarters. His success has made us stronger and marks over sixteen years of remarkable sales performance at SLP.

Eric Nyman Sr Solar Project Developer

In November 2003, Sun Light & Power recruited Eric to head and build a new sales team tasked with increasing volume and focusing more on the commercial solar market. While familiarizing himself with the solar industry, Eric soon realized that the efficiency, reliability, and aesthetics of SunPower PV modules was a perfect fit with SLP’s aspirations. In 2005, Eric convinced Founder Gary Gerber and his management team to become a SunPower dealer. SunPower’s commitment to excellence and their comprehensive “one stop shop” capabilities have helped SLP become a leading commercial solar contractor in California.

Eric sold and supervised Sun Light & Power’s first commercial project - the David Brower Center, located in Berkeley. At that time, SunPower’s modules produced more energy per square foot than any other provider. This game-changing innovation made small residential roofs much more viable for solar. SunPower also produced an attractive black framed, black-colored module. Because the client required both of these features, Eric brokered a special accommodation with SunPower which allowed SLP to deploy these architecturally elegant modules on the restricted awning space surrounding the landmark building while maximizing energy output. The project was a resounding success for all involved.

David Brower Center Solar

Eric has continued to build a mutually beneficial relationship between Sun Light & Power and SunPower. He characterized the proactive and meticulous service provided by SunPower sales representatives including Cynthia Khatib, Craig Villas, and Justin Upchurch (the latter now a member of the SLP Sales Team) as “outstanding and best in the business.” To date, SLP’s largest SunPower installation is the 900 kW Crescent Park multi-family housing campus in Richmond, California. However, Eric has just closed an impressive 936 kW SunPower system for oncology research pioneers Exelixis based in Alameda, California. This project highlights SunPower’s comprehensive turn-key design and build prowess. The installation will feature the Helix Single Tilt ballasted PV module system on the roof and high efficiency Helix canopies in the parking lot.

Over the past 35 years, SunPower has designed and built advanced solar products from materials of the highest quality. SunPower produces the most powerful, efficient, and long-lasting PV modules on the market, and these products are backed by an unmatched 25-year warranty. It is no surprise that Wood Mackenzie has ranked SunPower America’s top commercial solar provider for three years running. As Eric said, “SunPower products and service are the best - bar none.” The employee owners at Sun Light & Power are proud of our partnership with SunPower. We would like to thank our entire sales team for building this relationship. We also want to thank Eric for his tireless commitment to the solar industry. In our book, Eric, you are the best too!

Written by Marketing Coordinator Seamas Brennan from an interview with Eric Nyman, Senior Project Developer at Sun Light & Power.

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