Agrihood Senior Community

Agrihood Senior Sustainable Community Solar

Senior Housing | PV & Solar Thermal | Santa Clara, CA

SLP is pleased to have partnered with Core Builders on the exciting new Agrihood Senior Sustainable Community project in Santa Clara!  The Agrihood community promotes active senior living for its residents with an acre and a half of farmland and open space in the heart of Santa Clara.  This solar-powered community features a 132.5 kW PV system with 288 Canadian Solar modules and a pair of SolarEdge inverters which are expected to offset the majority of Agrihood’s electricity needs.  The project also features a solar thermal domestic hot water pre-heat system boasting 40 locally manufactured Heliodyne Gobi collectors. This system is expected to offset more than 30% of the community’s domestic hot water energy. Agrihood’s sustainable approach to energy nurtures a greener tomorrow and offers affordable housing solutions for seniors, veterans, and middle-income individuals. Of the 361 eco-friendly homes, 181 are priced below market, and all are surrounded by flourishing urban farms and communal spaces for shopping and relaxation.

Additional Project Details

Project Location:
Santa Clara, CA
Project Type:
Roof Mount
PV System Equipment:
Canadian Solar
PV System Size:
132.5 kW
Solar Thermal Equipment:
Heliodyne GOBI
Solar Thermal System Size:
20 Collectors
Product Category:
PV & Solar Thermal
Date of Installation:
Senior Housing

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