Charlotte Drive Apartments

Affordable Housing | PV & Solar Thermal | San Jose, CA

Charlotte Drive Apartments in San Jose, California was a combination solar PV and ST project - one of SLP largest solar hot water projects to date. Being able to implement solar design and build both systems, SLP was able to best utilize the roof space and equipment space and streamline the build process and save on material cost. The solar thermal tank was a 21' long by 7.5' diameter, which was no small feat to move and put in place. This new affordable housing community is a four-story apartment building that will offer 200 affordable multifamily apartments with 235 parking spaces. Charlotte Drive Family Apartments is part of a 295-acre Hitachi Master Planned Community which, when complete will contribute to a large development comprising of condominiums, apartments and attached town-homes. Charlotte Park is designed to ensure that it is energy-efficient and sustainable while providing its residents with high quality, affordable living.

Greenhouse Gas displacement = 80.9 Metric Tons, equivalent to:
187 barrels of oil consumed.
193,839 miles driven by an average car.
.645 acres of U.S. Forests preserved from conversion to cropland in one year.

Charlotte Drive Apartments

Charlotte Drive Apartments in San Jose provides affordable housing and features both solar PV & solar thermal panels to lower greenhouse gases.

Additional Project Details

Project Location:
San Jose, CA
Project Type:
Roof Mount
PV System Equipment:
Canadian Solar
PV System Size:
80.6 kW
Solar Thermal Equipment:
Heliodyne Gobi
Solar Thermal System Size:
94 Collectors
Product Category:
PV & Solar Thermal
Date of Installation:
Affordable Housing

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