Lynhaven Elementary School

School | PV | San Jose, CA Lynhaven Elementary is the third large-scale solar installation for Campbell Union School District. Once again, Sun Light & Power demonstrates its unequaled expertise at solving diverse challenges and time constraints of public school projects.

  • Shade Structure System size = 96,600 W
  • kWh production = 38,207

Shade Structure greenhouse gas equivalent = 26.9 Metric Tons, equivalent to:

  • 64,353 miles driven by an average car.
  • 62.2 barrels of oil consumed
  • 0.214 acres of U.S. Forests preserved from conversion to cropland in one year.
"CUSD is committed to sustainable facility construction and operations. Part of that commitment is the environmental and fiscal savings afforded by solar electricity generation. Money not spent on utility bills can go back into the general fund to support education programs for students."
-Doug Williams, LEED AP - Construction Manager, Measure G, Campbell Union School District

Additional Project Details

Project Location:
San Jose, CA
Project Type:
Roof Mount, Shade Structure
PV System Equipment:
PV System Size:
123.2 kW
Product Category:
Solar PV
Date of Installation:
Schools & Universities

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