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This is the first PV project undertaken by the Yosemite Community College District. It contributes towards the net-zero goal for the new district office building and should provide about 20 points towards the building attaining LEED Platinum. This DSA pre-check carport project had many specific DSA requirements and a short timeline. Working with a DSA consultant, we were able to complete the permitting and construction process in a timely matter. Due to underground obstructions and constraints related to the existing parking lot including ADA paths of travel, the layout of the shade structure was challenging. We leveraged the expertise of a professional engineering firm with DSA PV shade structure experience who managed underground and geotechnical surveys and worked closely with the steel canopy trades partner. On the first day of layout, we discovered several underground conflicts. The SLP Project Manager was on site to ensure that RFIs were issued immediately and enabled the schedule to keep on track.

  • System size = 311,850 W
  • Annual kWh production = 450,944

According to the press release, with LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold certification targeted as the design standard, “green” design features include on-site storm retention and automatically operated natural ventilation. Energy conservation measures include a high-efficiency mechanical system engineered to be 30%-38% more efficient than State standards, LED interior lighting, high-efficiency glass, and insulation. The building, coupled with the completion of the solar array, will be a Net Zero Energy building which will produce more energy than the building consumes. The extra electricity produced will compensate for the natural gas consumed so it will be a true Net Zero Energy building. See more here.

“The cost to bring the existing buildings to current standards would far exceed the benefits. They have reached the end of their useful life in terms of infrastructure and capacity. The [canopies] will easily last 100 years and will result in energy cost savings."
- Chancellor Dr. Joan Smith.

Modesto Junior College

Yosemite Community College District's first solar PV project was built at

Modesto Junior College where the 311.9 kW design was the cornerstone of

the new district office building's net-zero carbon emissions design.

Additional Project Details

Project Location:
Modesto, CA
Project Type:
Shade Structure
PV System Equipment:
Canadian Solar
PV System Size:
311.9 kW
Product Category:
Solar PV
Date of Installation:
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