NorthCreek Church

Place of Worship | PV | Walnut Creek, CA

Every year this system removes the equivalent of 51 cars from the road, or prevents 29,158 gallons of gasoline from being burned. It would require 55.5 acres of forest to sequester this much CO2 annually. NorthCreek is a Bible teaching church in the San Francisco Bay Area that was founded in 1956. Everything from the songs they sing, the classes they offer, to the art they hang on the walls is focused on scripture. Learn more at  

“I would not hesitate to work with SLP anytime in the future. I would also highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solar system."
- Garry Pollard, Director of Operations, NorthCreek Church  
"The Church decided to install panels for a few reasons, including giving people shaded parking, saving natural resources and a higher reason."
- Oakland Tribune

Additional Project Details

Project Location:
Walnut Creek, CA
Project Type:
Shade Structure, Roof Mount, Flush Mount
PV System Equipment:
PV System Size:
305.0 kW
Product Category:
Solar PV
Date of Installation:
Places of Worship

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