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Marriott Hotel Fairfield

Hotel | PV | Fairfield, CA

This gorgeous project for the global hotel giant, Marriott, offsets a significant portion of their power and provides shaded parking to their customers. It's visual prominence highlights Marriott's commitment to renewable energy.

This 55 kW system will save the owner over $481,000 over the next 30 years.

Without solar, the energy costs would be over $6,000,000.

That's what we call the cost of doing nothing.

Courtyard Marriott Hotel Santa Monica

Hotel | PV | Santa Monica, CA

These hotel projects had many architectural features and included mechanical equipment on the roof that restricted the PV system design. Our layout was both aesthetically pleasing and avoided shading the solar panels. We reached the power generation requirements by working closely with the architectural team and provided a creative solution that resulted in a 66,150 watt PV system which produces 104,689 kWh of clean electricity.