Earth Day 2021: Climate Clock Past Midnight

Earth Climate Clock Past Midnight

On this Earth Day we need to face reality: our climate is warming fast and we must drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions now or our future vocabulary will be dominated by a single word: extinction. The scale and origin of this catastrophe is mind-numbing. There is now more CO2 in the atmosphere than at any point in the past 3.6 million years. We are responsible for changing the carbon cycle and warming the entire planet. Multimillion-acre megafires, rapidly melting glaciers, superstorms, extreme heat, unseasonable weather, 100-year floods, severe droughts and enduring famines will persist for the foreseeable future.

The deceptively clear skies that resulted from the pandemic lockdowns in the industrialized nations proved that we can immediately make a difference by changing our behavior. Unfortunately, those surreal quiet days that coaxed wild animals into our streets did not buy us or future generations any significant time on the climate clock in 2020: emissions actually increased. We will have to reverse consumption culture, make sacrifices and work long and hard to reverse the damage. We will also need to continually innovate and invest in new technologies to reduce emissions, energy use and waste.

The pandemic has shown us that the absence of personal and collective responsibility can have dire consequences for both the present and future. In many developed countries, the pandemic has presented difficult but temporary restrictions that many had never seriously contemplated or experienced first-hand. Over 3 million people have already died in the pandemic worldwide. Americans account for over 569,000 of these deaths. In the United States, this tragedy has disproportionately affected people of color and is the result of negligent leadership and the refusal of so many to wear a mask, observe physical distancing, and get vaccinated. Had we come together from day one, the scale of this disaster could have been greatly reduced, and we could now be in a much stronger position to help others around the world.

We must learn from our mistakes quickly because climate change and pollution present far greater challenges to life on Earth than the pandemic. We need a worldwide response to save our planet.  Those who have the luxury of making lifestyle adjustments need to make them now so that their actions educate by example, help establish new cultural norms and allow for equitable distribution of scarce resources. If you have any concern for future generations of innocent children or any of the plants and animals that still live with us, you need to get involved now. Everything we do — or fail to do — will shape the future.

At Sun Light & Power, we know renewable energy is essential for our survival. This is why we work hard to help individuals and businesses adopt solar, storage and EVs as quickly as possible. To ensure a brighter future we must also actively reduce our burden on Mother Nature. As the pandemic revealed, there is no substitute for immediate concerted action based on the facts. Get your own house in order now — the entire world is counting on you.

Here is a towering list of ways you can lower your carbon footprint.






Go solar.


Buy local.

Do not litter.

Consume less.

Invest in an EV.

Replace your lawn.

Use renewable diesel.

Switch to a heat pump.

Bundle online purchases.

Install a low-flow shower head.

Stop cooking and heating with gas.

Never use herbicides or insecticides.

Donate anything you don’t or can’t use.

Support B Corps and Green Businesses.

Replace all inefficient light bulbs with LEDs.

Limit airline flights for business and pleasure.

Carpool, rideshare or use public transportation.

Unsubscribe from junk mail, catalogs and fliers.

Wash clothes in cold water and line dry if possible.

Maintain your vehicle and keep tires properly inflated.

Reduce your meat consumption – especially red meat.

Turn your video off in meetings unless you are speaking.

Turn off and/or unplug electronic devices when not in use.

Ride your bike or walk instead of driving whenever possible.

Use the heater or air conditioner only when you really need it.

Avoid plastic in general especially bags and single-use products.

Buy a real water filter: protect your health and avoid bottled water.

Replace your old computers and appliances with energy efficient models.

Eat organic food whenever possible; build biodiversity and economic resilience.

Avoid synthetics and buy organic clothing, towels and sheets: sustain jobs and save water.

Stop washing dishes by hand: save energy, water and time with an Energy Star dishwasher.

Participate: vote, sign petitions, educate, volunteer, and always protest peacefully and safely!



Seamas Brennan is Marketing Coordinator at Sun Light & Power


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