Restaurants & Food Processing

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Local 123

Restaurants and Food Processing | PV & Solar Thermal | Berkeley, CA

“The people at Sun Light & Power were highly knowledgeable,

down-to-earth and sensitive to the needs of small business owners.

They made what at first seemed a daunting process into a smooth,

understandable and even enjoyable one. Thank you!” - F.H.

Clif Bar and Company

Restaurants & Food Processing | PV & Solar Thermal | Berkeley, CA

Sun Light & Power is proud to announce that Clif Bar and Company has gone "smart solar" at their new headquarters in Emeryville. The 531.6 kW DC solar installation, comprised of over 1,900 Suntech 270 panels optimized with Tigo Maximizers, is part of their deep commitment to sustainability and will be the largest such optimized system in North America to date. The three-phase project includes both custom rooftop and steel carport mounting.

Cheesecake Factory

Restaurant | Solar Thermal | Pleasanton, CA

"The company saw the long term and wanted to do the right thing in 'greening' their system.
Having an unbiased third party in the meetings helped them see the whole picture."

- Amin Delagah, PG&E Food Service Technology Center (FSTC).

"I have had a very good experience with Sun Light & Power over the last several years,
which includes 7 projects."

- Ed Bashay, Senior Construction Manager of The Cheesecake Factory

Dosa Restaurant

Restaurant | Solar Thermal | San Francisco, CA

"We’re proud to be part of the growing trend toward sustainability. Every aspect of our restaurant reflects our holistic commitment to using primarily organic, bio-dynamic and sustainable ingredients and products from countertops to rooftop solar from food choices to wine list. We’re on track to receive LEED certification.”

-Anjan Mitra, owner